Update on James' Skin & Coconut Butter!

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It has been a while since I have last shared the story about James' skin so here it goes ...
I need to go back a few steps further before I continue with the story.
My little man as a newborn baby & cried a fair bit. As a first time Mom I had no idea why this was happening.  It must be me I thought.
I ticked all the boxes, belly full, clean nappy, burped for 30 minutes, held upright, cuddled & the list goes on as a first time Mom.  Finally after 3 months of this & a lot of clothes washing, my little man was diagnosed with Reflux.  The word makes me shiver.  As part of this I culled my diet & one item was dairy.  I was feeding full time.  
At 12 months he started drinking milk from a cup but unfortunately for some reason he had a rash on his face & the doctor thought Diary.  So we removed diary & introduced  soy milk. He loved it & life moved on.  
The eczema did not flair up straight away so we did not see the link.
Now back on track & his little skin issues.  
When I wrote the post about the skin I also decided that day that James would not have anymore soy milk.  I knew the issues with soy milk & we had tried for 6 months to wean him.  We would start with 10ml of Cow's milk in his Soy but once we went over 30ml he would not drink the milk.  And begged for his soy.  So one day I said NO MORE! I said the shop didnt have it! Of course I blamed someone else! He was devastated. I was hardly going to be blamed!! He asked everyday for 4 days but we had no soy in the house so it was easy enough to say no.  Within a couple of days we introduced him to milk shakes.  Not milk on its own but Milk with a spoon of yoghurt & he has been drinking this everyday since.  
Now to the good bit! Within 2 weeks of removing soy from his diet this James' skin cleared up! 100%.  We were just absolutely delighted!
And now when we see the soy milk in the shops he knows that the his body does not like soy milk & he no longer asks for it.  
Coconut butter - I love this. I use this on my own skin & moisturise the kid's skin with it but on the really hot days we all wear sun block.  I do not burn with the coconut butter but I really have only trailed & tested this on my own skin & not sitting in full sun.  I would burn walking to the car & Im not exaggerating so it is a great alternative to using sun block everyday on my skin. 
We manage James' intolerance to sunblock & chlorine everyday.  We shower the moment we are out of the swimming pool & only use one brand of sun block as reported in the last post.  I feel after removing the main issue from his diet - soy - we are now managing the intolerance to the sun blocks & chlorine with little or no effort.  
Look at my little man eczema free! Love it! 
If you have a story that you can share please do.  You never know who it could help ...

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