Bathroom Renovations - Is this the hardest room in the entire house?!?!?!

Posted on January 29, 2014 by Elaine Stack | 0 Comments

Is this the hardest room in the entire house?


It takes so long to get to this point. We started probably 7 months ago now & then due to work commitments by us both we had to stop the process.  At that point we had removed the bathroom wall & extended into the hallway so we could allow for a bath. We are hands on renovators so hubby has done everything to date.  It is a little different to our last renovation as my main job now is to keep our babies entertained while Dad gets stuck in. James (Master 4) is a mini Daddy so is always dying to get his tools & help.  For us this is all so new & slows the process down.  This can be a little frustrating to begin with. However we have decided to let him in on the action. Obviously when the jack hammer is going he is not allowed to venture in but when Dad takes a break he is taken in to inspect & cast his eye over the work & asked for feedback! I think it is important that they know what is going on & why Daddy is working on the bathroom so we are having lots of chats about the new bath, where everything is going, why the floor is now gone, why why why??? Who, What. Why?? Im sure you can all relate!

So the entire bathroom is now ripped out.  Im super excited at this point as it will all start happening very fast from here!

I have chosen everything down to the towel rail.  Have you ever shopped for a toilet? My good god! How many different toilets can there be.  Ive done this prior! How did I forget? Like having a baby Ive obviously blocked it out! 

Now with everything purchased & everything ripped out we are waiting on the plumber.  He will arrive on Friday morning at 7am.  At 705am I will call him & ensure he is well on his way! 

So where do we shower? 

Thankfully my hubby is very handy & has created a little bathroom outside.  For the first time ever I showered outside last night in the nude! YES the nude! With a very carefully placed shower we can have complete privacy! To be honest Im not convinced & scared the neighbour will pop their head over the fence to say hello but for now I think it will be ok.  

Maybe Ill ask the plumber to come today! 

Are you renovating? Any tips?







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